List of projects ideas that I keep somewhat updated. - link

Personal projects

Web apps

  • Freetchio
    ▶️ Find 100% discounts on
  • tubav
    ▶️ Avatar generator inspired of the game “The Ultimatest Battle”.

Boring Man - OTSC


  • Don’t you dare!
    ▶️ A dumb chrome extension that asks for confirmation to close tabs when you use Ctrl+W.


  • setup-proxy
    ▶️ Script to setup proxy for multiple commands (docker, pip, git, …)
  • free-space
    ▶️ Collection of scripts to free space on Archlinux

School projects

  • Planify
    ▶️ Platform which allows people to manage their budgets
  • LRDE Brain Image (there was no real name)
    ▶️ Platform to check for brain tumors
  • King of Ognik
    ▶️ King of Tokyo-like as a mobile app
  • Yaka* Events
    ▶️ Events management platform