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Hello & Welcome to my blog! ✌️

I intend to write here about my projects, my experimentations or any other subject related to computer science that interests me. Essentially speaking, this blog is a dev blog.

What am I doing?

I’m currently working on a few personal projects, most of which are related to Boring Man:

  • bm-rcon, C# library for doing some RCON scripting
  • bm-mods, Collection of mostly gamemodes using bm-rcon
  • Bmaptimizer, Tool to optimize maps made using the map editor in-game

Other than those projects, I’m working on this blog (surprised?) and on a web app to easily find the items on that are 100% on-sale, making them free.

There are some projects I want to come back to and remake them using something other than pure JS.

Also, I’m doing my best in documenting and testing my programs because I hate when my future self comes back and, after trying to decipher, decides to scrap everything and redo it from scratch or to abandon whatever he wanted to do.
Self-explanatory code is nice to have, but it doesn’t happen that often.

I’m currently learning Golang and Elm because it sounds fun.

All good things come to an end

Have a nice day or a nice night and feel free to check the rest of the blog! 😄